Importance Of Local Government

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What do you think the module was about – intended objective/purpose of the Module? LOCAL GOVERNANCE Local governance is the backbone of modern statehood. No public policy can conceivably be implemented without it. The nature and the performance of public administration are thus key to both the understanding and the improvement of any government activity. The present course introduces to the basic properties and roles of public administration. This is done through both a systematic overview and readings of classic contributions to the field. The chosen approach takes into account that, on the one hand, local government is an indispensable tool of government regardless of the nature of the political system…show more content…
• Their geographic boundaries are outdate and do not reflect the neighbouring areas they serve, which limits their ability to fairly apportion costs among those who benefit from the services. • They have difficulty ensuring that different types of development take place in suitable locations, because of the lack of land use and service planning at the local, regional and provincial level. How did you overcome these challenges? Ensure that municipalities meet basic needs of communities. This implies that an environment is created, support provided and systems built to accelerate quality service delivery within the context of each municipality’s conditions and needs. Build clean, responsive and accountable local government. Make sure that systems and structures and procedures are developed and enforced to deal with corruption, maladministration and ensure that municipalities communicate and account more to communities. Improve functionality, performance and professionalism in municipalities. Ensure that the core administrative and institutional systems are in place and are operational to improve…show more content…
The Department of Health may have an existing body of evidence that assists in finding the answers to some of these questions whilst others may require research. Questions that could be researched are: Which are the most vulnerable groups and areas of high transmission? Here the Department of Health may rely on the annual ante-natal survey (existing body of evidence) to answer these questions. What are the most effective ways of changing sexual behaviour amongst the different vulnerable groups? Here little or no information may be available. The Department of Health would have to find answers to these questions through research. Once a decision is made that research is required, the Department of Health must decide on the research methods and process that will be used to answer the questions Objectives • To identify areas where research evidence could make the most

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