Ethical Issues In Telecommunication

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Issues in Telecommunication The advancement and development of the telecommunication industry experienced lots of problems which have both negatively and positively affected its success (Stephens, 1992). Telecommunication companies face a challenge of reducing complexity while seeking to improve service delivery such as clouds computing, the 5G and smart televisions (Chen et, al. 2015). The provision of internet infrastructures such as the cloud computing and 5G internet services are substantially expensive investments. However, the companies must strive to minimize the complexity while cutting cost, without affecting the quality of service delivery. Continued growth and advancement of telecommunication industry such as moving from 4G to…show more content…
The telecommunication industry ought to increase their investment in improving networks for service delivery following the advent of the 5G, Cloud computing and even the smart digital televisions (Chen et, al. 2015). Businesses and consumers have become solely dependent on network connectivity and telecommunication devices. For some consumers, it is practically impossible to live without these devices. Telecom is an expensive method used by huge companies. Therefore, it poses a significant challenge to small start-up enterprises. It may be difficult for the small businesses to acquire the services of telecommunication since they are financially incapable of affording their services from the providers. Therefore, they are still affected by issues regarding cybercrime exposing their critical information which may lead to its downfall (Obaidat, 2001). The telecommunication industry requires adequate regulations to facilitate and manage competition as well as protecting the consumers (Ware,…show more content…
The need for students to be physically present in classrooms is rapidly declining for many courses and college majors. Online studies are increasingly becoming the preferred mode of learning for many students since it drastically cut back time spent driving on the road to class after work. Nowadays, students no longer attend classes. Instead, they prefer a non-conventional method of learning such as learning with others in online forums and chat rooms. Moreover, even the development of new systems known as the Virtual school has assisted students who are physically challenged or mentally derailed to attend lessons in an online forum. 5G technology will continue to propel online education forward by ensuring speed and accessibility to students in any part of the world. Ensuring students can connect seamlessly to their classroom regardless of the part of the world students are located

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