Personal Narrative: Becoming An Attorney

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Once upon a not so distant time, I wanted to become an attorney. A young and admirably persistent version of myself was enchanted by the magical world of law and order. I would collapse into my bed after a long day second grade and succumb to dreams of my appointment to the Supreme Court of the United States. On the morning of President’s Day, 2006, my mother pulled my hair into a flawless bun, while I fastened my first pair of high heels into place. I adjusted my small blazer and spent a day in the courtroom of Iowa Fourth Judicial District Judge Greg Steensland. Thus began my first day as the Midwest’s youngest practicing legal enthusiast. I was immediately enthralled by the culture of law practice. I loved the calculated communication and was taken captive by the pace of deciphering the law and order of our country. It was this experience that laid the groundwork for my characteristic ambition.…show more content…
As I entered my fifth convenience store of the day, desperately searching for a rain poncho and a bottle of Excedrin, a frail woman grabbed my hand. She looked into my eyes and muttered, “Thank you. Thank you for your presence and your compassion.” In that moment, something strange occurred. I was spending my week in the Big Easy for a youth gathering that had been, without a doubt, a profound and meaningful experience. But this moment was different. This was real. This was life changing. Within the arms of this homeless woman, I unearthed my beating heart for social justice. I shed a tear, handed her a granola bar, and realized I was called to organize and work for social justice. I was determined to change the world, starting with one woman in the french quarter of New

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