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First question (254 words) What is your envisioned career path? An inspiring sage on the stage, a multidisciplinary researcher and strong-willed social activist are my calls and purposes of my life. Those three professions are incarnated in one title: lecturer. I want to be a lecturer who not only teach subjects and assigns paperwork, but also teach life lessons and soft skills through hidden curriculum. A researcher who not only conducts research for the sake of academic points, but also for the sake of solving national problem. A social activist who disseminates his research work and implement it as a sustained program. That is my call and purpose, to be a lecturer who executes Tri Dharma of Higher Education, the Indonesian three pillars of higher education which are education, research and community service. My envisioned career path is rooted from experiences and works that I have done during my college years. I want to be a lecturer who also runs his own NGO that highlighting the issue of school well-being…show more content…
A lot of youth are potential human capital, but are unable to unleash their abilities. Having seen this condition, it is my heartfelt intention to contribute towards those courageous youth. Most of my organization and volunteering activities are focused on youth development. I believe that youths are malleable ‘multipotent’ as long as they receive opportunity and guidance. As an example, after the first batch of Forum Inspirasi Psikologi (Psychology Inspirational Forum) ended, I got some report from my juniors that they were able to received scholarship opportunity in foreign country and some other won competitions. It is one of my ultimate happines to know that I can contribute to other people's self development. My experiences such as winning a scholarship, presenting paper in international conference and traveling to other country as an exchange student have manifested as other people's

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