Gucci Target Market Analysis

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According to Susan Ward (2016), Target Marketing is dividing a major market into a different kind of segment and then spending marketing effort on the divided segments to make sure that product or service can be reach to the end user successfully. It is play an important role to attracting and making small business’s success to survive in long term. At the beginning, Gucci’s target markets were including celebrities, fashionistas, the wealthy, high status, upper income level, and businessman (Blogger, 2015). But now, the target audience has been expanded to middle and upper-middle classes that are able to afford or spend for the high-end brand (Blogger, 2015). As indicated by Haseeb (2016), Gucci is creating the high quality of fashion brand…show more content…
Over the years, Gucci brand are more focus on the consumer with strict concentration on their life style for example songsters, film stars, and aristocrats whose buying decision are mainly influenced by the group they belong to. This is because targeting those audiences can indicate that their brands are the best and great quality so it can fully satisfies them. On the other hand, the consumer must be the person who need branded for their status as Gucci brand are too charming and expensive (Studymode Research,…show more content…
By offering consumers the choice to personalize and customize their wallets, bags and other leather goods ("Luxury Daily," 2016). Gucci effectively boosts its brand appeal amongst consumers who wish to differentiate their leather goods to suit their personal tastes ("Luxury Daily," 2016). Gucci have Bespoke services as well, for selected apparel, footwear and bags ("Luxury Daily," 2016). These bespoke services allow the luxury brands to retain the notion of exclusivity that nobody has it, and retains their premium image in the luxury goods market (Stephen,

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