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Organizational Structure and Your Career Path In picking a direction of a career path it is often important to consider the social constructs of the environment that you want to work for before deciding if that is the place you want to work. In most cases not many people will know whether the atmosphere suits their specific personality until they actually work in that organization. Yet, with knowing the basic constructs of social structure in the business community we can begin to picture what that may look like for each specific environment. Working for the United States Department of Veterans Affairs has always been my ideal setting for as long as I can remember. This is an organization that melds individuals who have a passion through…show more content…
(Affairs, 2015) These groups would come together to collaborate on a regular basis to discuss current issues going on with their clients and try to find out if there is a clear trend. If they find that there is a specific trend, my goal as a manager would then be to sit down with the primary group to discuss possible ways of resolving the situation. If the problem continues, I would want to bring in a secondary group to work with the primary group to assist in solving the…show more content…
As a manager, I definitely believe that connecting groups and having an avenue of communication would provide a very distinct foundation for both teams to assist one another with an issue. Collaboration like this not only resolves conflicts, but it also has the ability to build connections between both teams. Providing opportunities like this can create more fluid communication for not only the primary team, but also the secondary team. My hopes in doing this would be to ensure that employees can turn to one another to get assistance if I am not readily available. One potential problem to consider is that if we bring these two teams together and neither one of them has been able to resolve the issue that they have been facing. The next step I would consider would be to either utilize external groups or possibly reference groups (Prodanciuc, 2012). The external group would be made up of individuals from other departments or even different sectors of the Department of Veteran Affairs. By reaching out to these different departments we would be able to get a fresh look at the overall whole and hopefully find new ways to tackle particularly difficult

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