Why I Want To Pursue A Paramedic Career

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I have always dreamed of making a difference in life, my chosen career path provides that, changing lives and making a positive impact, as soon as the opportunity arose I took advantage of it. The thought of becoming a paramedic fascinates me hugely and I relish the excitement, variety and stimulation it provides. I understand it to be a very demanding job requiring adept medical knowledge, physical fitness, with fast paced decisions needed almost constantly. I have been put in a position of care several times as my fiancée has suffered with depression and anxiety in recent years. This was one of the contributory factors which inspired me to pursue a career as a paramedic. I understand that this career will be both mentally and physically demanding but I believe I have the capability of becoming a valuable…show more content…
John’s Ambulance in Newcastle. During my time here I will learn the basics of first-aid and short term pre-hospital care. I believe this experience will be ideal for preparing for a full-time paramedic career. I have experience working with the general public on a face to face basis due to my time at McDonald’s restaurant. Here I had to put hygiene at the top of my priorities due to working with food preparation and food storage. I was a trusted employee with duties that included cash handling and stock taking, most of the time entirely unsupervised. I have been employed at Nissan for the past 6 years and as soon as an opportunity became available to leave my employment here and further my education I took it and used this opportunity to pursue a career which I am passionate about. I enrolled on an Access course in the Science pathway at South Tyneside College which was fascinating, it included; Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Study skills. I particularly enjoyed the Biology section of this course during which we studied subjects such as; Cell structure, Skeletal and Muscular

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