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Career Research Paper In the field of healthcare, there are many professions. There are nurses, doctors, surgeons, psychologists, dentists, physical therapists, and some many more. Within these various jobs, there are wide ranges of income, different educational and certification requirements, and several career outlooks and expectations. Specifically, in the profession of nursing, there entail many subcategories. Of these subcategories, I've decided to look into neonatal nurse practitioners. A neonatal nurse practitioner is a nurse with advanced practice that cares for premature and sick newborns in neonatal intensive care units, delivery rooms, and emergency rooms. During the time of caring for these sickly infants, neonatal nurse practitioners serve as the key caregivers. Although neonatal nurse practitioners are nurses, they have advanced training which allows for them to obtain all responsibilities for the infant being cared for, including exercising judgement, diagnosing, and initiating medical procedures when needed. As aforementioned,…show more content…
Salaries in this profession can vary depending on the state, the size of the company they are working for, and their advancement in education. In the state of Georgia, particularly in Atlanta, the median salary for a neonatal nurse practitioner is about $100,000. This figure depends on many factors, including the rate of job growth at the time of employment. In Georgia, there are many facilities that currently have job availability. Included in those facilities are The Right Solutions, Grady Health System, Crisp Regional Health Services, and Rockdale Medical Center. With all of the places throughout America that could provide a place of employment, along with the increasing amount of interest in the healthcare field, it is no surprise that being a neonatal nurse practitioner has a career outlook growth rate of about 34% by the year

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