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SELECTED SNACK/MEALS HERE IS A LIST OF SOME OF MY SELECTED SNACKS/MEALS - SMOOTHINI - An almost magical drink. It is the backbone of my plan and is simple to make and will be delicious if made to my standard. Give it some thought. If you think you have a better idea, go for it. Always keep in mind that variety is essential to good health. Green leafy vegetables are among the highest rated foods for nutrition and always low in calories and glycemic index.. Blend them in a blender with filtered water and with or without a little fruit. I have a powerful blender, so I can blend anything that I want to, but if you just use a standard blender, you can still blend any kind of greens. No, not cabbage and don't try…show more content…
I think its another one of those things that need to be evaluated. Another of my favorite meals. For more than 50 years, a normal breakfast for me was, 4 eggs with potatoes, fried in “Whatever oil”, 4 slices of white toast, slathered with butter, a half pound of bacon, a small glass of orange juice and a large glass of milk……..close to 3000 calories and some not so good food choices. More food than the average person should eat all day. PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICH - Another one of my favorite snack/meals. Crunchy is lower glycemic and more nutritious than smooth and I just like it better. 1 whole wheat sandwich thin with one tablespoon of peanut butter and one tablespoonful of polaner all fruit is about 230 calories. Even better, on a slice of Ezekiel toast or a couple of Ryvita crisp breads. The Polaner has no added sugar and is sweetened only with fruit juice. It is only 30 calories per tablespoon. This makes a nutritious and delicious little sandwich and is very satisfying. Add 8 oz of low fat milk for another 120 calories. Read the label, for some reason a few of them have added…show more content…
Has most of the essential amino acids in sufficient quantity and a host of other good nutrition. Very moderate glycemic index. Strain them and throw away the juice, thats where most of the junk is. Don't rinse them or you lose too much flavor and I like to add some crushed red pepper to mine to spruce it up and increase the nutritional value or rinse them and add your own seasonings that you like. SARDINES - Very nutritious with lots of calcium since the bones are soft and eaten. Most of the calories is in the oil it is packed in, but I assume that you won't be drinking it. Still this oil is nutritious and beneficial to lower LDL cholesterol. You can also buy them packed in tomato sauce or even just water, but………….I don't think they taste so good. Besides essential amino acids and calcium, they rate very high in Selenium, Omega - 3 and Iodine. HERE IS AN IDEA FOR YOU - In between your meal/snacks you feel like consuming something, but you know you are not actually hungry, so how about drinking a big glass of water? If you drink a big glass full and still are not satisfied, then go ahead and have something else. FOOD COMBINING

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