Essay On Street Food

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Street food in London city City has a diverse brigade mushrooming but then there is a tinge of diversity in the food habits ,moreover this is evident in the street food section while you explore the sightseeing areas the streets smell of variety. Few of my friends putting up at the hotels in Queens Gardens has described some real scenes after their visit to this vibrant city , they had been on their own after being briefed by the hotel staff, they were lucky to taste the amazing street food served at every nook and corner. The surprise is element is quite evident when people walk through the roads and while they can see the guy wheeling the hot dog card near the corner as people line up to taste the tangy sauce within the slice of sausage or pork with mashed potato. Somewhere on a street close to the tube station between the magnanimous buildings a van can pull up at the roadside and within minutes…show more content…
The toppings prepared in Nutella ,with caramel are for people who are not having a sweet tooth but in case you love sugar then the fresh vanilla custard can do the trick. You do get ideas to have street food while you visit this joint a must for the street food lovers. Poke Amazing line with just very little variation but whatever they serve you may fall in love with it they serve Hawain speciality dish which is prepared with black rice. The black rice is beautifully topped with fish cooked in shoryu sauce and served with homemade pickles, the moment you have a spoonful you know the tangy taste and variety of flavours just makes it a perfect dish, in case you know this description and are unable to understand where you last liked you check your friend’s social media you are sure to find a pic as the dish has set some really new trends.
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