Greek Thanas Character Analysis Worksheet

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Character Analysis Worksheet Character Name: Thana (feminine form of Greek Thanatos, meaning "death) Melanthios (derived from Greek "black, dark" and "flower") 1. Character Age: 19 2. Physical Characteristics: Voice: Thana’s voice can be described as matter of fact and commanding. Due to her upbringing, as heir to the throne, she has been taught to speak in a manner that demands respect. Posture: Once again, due she has being taught to sit and stand in a way that is dignified and intimidating. Thana also has a great deal of internal worry, which translates into a stiff and tense posture. Walk: Thana’s walk can be described as a purposeful stride, as she has being taught to walk confident and intimidating manner. Distinguishing Marks: Physical…show more content…
Then suddenly, a beat of silence, and then the shrill cry of a baby. A medic calls out “It’s a girl!” The small group in the room clap delightedly. A midwife wraps the minutes old baby in a deep red blanket and hands the baby to the head elder. Carefully, he peers at the baby girl, from his pocket he takes out a gem and holds it to the baby forehead. The gem begins to glow a brilliant red. The elder’s eyes shine with interest and says “This one belongs to fire.” then he hands the baby to her mother. She cradles the baby to her chest and asks her husband what they should name her. Her husband, King Thanatos of Trusal, looks down at the baby and replies “Thana. Thana of…show more content…
As she grew, she began to relish her powerful aura, preferring it to the company of others. She let her father’s impossible standards become her own, leaving her with a constant burden of impossible tasks. Her bottled emotions soon built a wall around that was impossible to climb. However, Thana’s desire for peace and a better kingdom never changed. Even after all her lessons in warfare and all her training with various weapons, her desires still lived. But Thana was also realistic and knew that she could never change a kingdom that didn’t want to. So this left Thana with two choices; either follow in her father’s footsteps and become a ruthless ruler or leave her life behind and create herself a new one. And this is where our story

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