Lord Of The Flies Is A Classic Essay

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Introduction Although Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, might be violent and vivid in its depiction of conflict, it still has valuable life lessons that make it a classic, and that has earned it a spot in the Ames Middle School library. There are multiple criteria that a book has to have to make it a classic. Here are some of the reasons I think that this book should be considered a classic. Is My Book a Classic? The first reason I think my book deserves to be a classic because of the life lessons it can teach people. There are many life lessons throughout this book, one of them being how the children in the book interact with each other on the island. Here is a quote from the book that conveys a lesson. “Ralph nodded again. Behind him, the whole…show more content…
And by knowing this they might try to change themselves into becoming a better person. In fact, according to Kirstin Olsen, the book emphasizes the idea that it is human nature to turn primitive without society’s rules. For example she wrote: “Lord of the Flies remains an influential and powerful commentary on human evil.” Sense children are able to learn this from Lord of the Flies this makes it an asset for the Ames Middle School library. The last reason that I think this book should be in the Ames Middle School library is because the book can be challenging to read and understand throughout. This is important because it can broaden children’s thinking. Here is a quote from an article by Lee Burress & Nicholas J. Karolides. “More specifically, they fear a vision that challenges us to re-examine our thinking, to broaden our scope and embrace real emotion, spiritual and physical freedom.” This quote supports my reasoning because Lord of the Flies does make us re-evaluate our positions or values about the book and it’s meaning. By this happening this also broadens our

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