Nadana Case Study

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After her arrival in India, Badami mentioned that Nandana could not adjusted food, stay, and social life. Badami narrated the difficulty of adaption of foreign culture to an alien Nandana. At Madras railway station, the experience of Nandana was narrated thus, She snapped awake as soon as they reached the station, though, and gazed around wide-eyed at the crowds that were boiling on the platforms, even at that late hour. It must be strange and disorienting for her, thought Sripathi the steady roar of sounds- vendors, children wailing for their parents coolies shouting for customers, beggars, musicians-the entire circus of humanity under the high arching roof of Madras Central Station. With her small fingers, the child clipped her nostrils…show more content…
One day Nandana went out of her home and after a long search, a mechanic named Karim brought her back. Nandana liked the company of Arun, her maternal uncle but did not like Sripathi. Nandana has been admitted was second standard in a convent girl’s school. At school Nandana felt alone and different atmosphere than that of Vancouver.One of the girls at school asked “why don’t you talk... Are you dumb? Did someone cut off your tongue?” this schoolmate continued saying, “I saw a movie once where they did mean things to you?” (278), Nandana brood over the fact that her grandmother had thrown away her tooth that morning and there had been nothing under her pillow. However, in spite of their recent loss, the family gave over its grief to celebrate Deepavali for Nandana, and she did receive new clothes and get to set off firecrackers. Nandana have not seen electric water heater in Vancouver that Nirmala used here for heating bathing water. For Nandana, mosquitoes caused unrest and she played hide and seek with friends.Arun as an activist brought some harsh realities about India. He said: “See, you hadyour Independence of India and all to fight for, real

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