Mcdonalds Consumer Behavior Case Study

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INTRODUCTION Consumer Behaviour is crucial and an important part of marketing strategy. Organizations have to understand their customers, build strong relationships, provide necessary information about the products and services and stay close to them. Many successful companies have recognized the importance of consumers and have sophisticated approaches and detailed data from which to develop organizational and marketing strategies. Consumer behavior means personal thoughts and feelings, people attitude, trust, and experience, the actions they perform in consumption process and also all the things that can influence the attitudes. It is important to understand that consumer behavior is dynamic, needs interactions and exchanges. These…show more content…
McDonalds made detailed food ingredients information and other food producing information available to the customers. Additionally, McDonalds provided in-store nutrition information pamphlets, as well as official restaurant website let the customers be aware of it. However, McDonalds are always perceived as unhealthy restaurants. People prefer to buy food in McDonalds because it is fast and cheap, people don’t make their choices because of healthy. Thus, McDonalds need to prove their position of natural ingredients for attraction more customers by providing new ways of interactions. In relation to that, for changing public perception towards fast foods, nutrition label acts as a safety guide in choosing healthy food, providing new in-store digital innovations, customers’ involvement. This research aims to determine customers’ perception on the nutrition labels of McDonalds food products and the influence of its digital innovations, advertisement, and cooperation on customers. To study how companies like McDonalds is reacting and giving their own decisions to this change in consumer behavior and the environment. This is an interesting topic as the company has a long history, considering the high debate about obesity, healthy…show more content…
McDonalds provides extensive nutritional information and comprehensive ingredient listings and nutrition calculator (, 2016). However, McDonalds are always perceived as unhealthy restaurants and portray a bad image to the public. In relation to that, in order to change public perception towards fast foods, nutrition label acts as a safety guide in choosing healthy foods (“Staying ahead in a competitive environment”, 2016). Nowadays, people know a lot about the balanced food and healthy lifestyle, it is still very difficult to change people’s behavior of taking junk foods in McDonalds and to associate McDonalds brand image with healthy food. McDonalds also modified its menu to healthier alternatives, they stayed all junk food, but added: yoghurt, salads, sugar-free fruit drinks and more chicken products, fruits, pies, cookie, omelette, burrito, oatmeal, many varieties of drinks: Mountain Berry Blast, Dr. Pepper, and Smoothie (, 2016). McDonalds provide special offers according to traditions and local preferring. For example Korea's shrimp burger, Portugal's soups, Hong Kong's pasta, Asia's McRice burger, France's desserts, Middle East's McArabia (Schlossberg, 2015). McDonalds has designed a new campaign “Happy Exercise and Love Touch Health (HEALTH)” project, in partnership with local communities,

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