If I Were A Tiger Short Story

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Ryan was born in October 2011 in Windsor, ON. He loves his school and enjoys playing with his friends. Ryan likes karate, volleyball, and swimming. He enjoys drawing, colouring, and crafts. Ryan loves French fries and pizza. If I were a tiger, I would be the biggest of my kind in the cat family. If I were a tiger, I would be the strongest of the animals in Africa. If I were a tiger, I would roar like the sound of thunder. If I were a tiger, I would be a ferocious hunter. Destan was born in a hospital in downtown Hamilton, ON. He likes to play soccer and hockey and to go exploring. Destan has four people in his family. Scootering is fun, You can do it in the sun. It goes fast and slow, You can jump high and low. You can be a champ,…show more content…
I cry out a warning The girl never hears As with a loud ping, the gun fires. The girl drops to her knees, She breathes very rapidly. Her last breaths die in the breeze. At last, her spirit was freed. The image fades from the mirror, A shiver runs through me as I try to comprehend. I clutch my arms nearer, And pray that, someday, this horror will end. Kayla seeks challenges and has great learning potential. She is thirteen years old, and has lived in Waterloo, ON, her whole life. Kayla has an interest in literature and music. She has attended her school since 2008. A young girl sits in her ruined sneakers, They’re about two sizes too small for her. Day by day, she struggles, growing weaker. She’s cold—she would kill for a coat of fur. Her mother’s finding work, her father’s dead. They wish for proper meals, nice things to eat. They don’t even have a mattress or bed, No shelters to go to, just the cold street. “Things will get better,” her mother does say. The both of them so want that to be true. But there is no hero to save the day, And the girl is coming down with the flu. They have little, she only has one glove. But they still have one valuable thing:
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