Food Classification Essay

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Based on the results of the food frequency questionnaire, foods can be classified into three categories as shown in the table. There is a number of influences that determine this selection such as health, habit, memories, … First, habit, convenience and experience are the main factors that affect the core foods category. For years, I have been incorporating green vegetables into my meals, to the extent that it becomes a habit. As a result, I now unconsciously consume kale and broccoli on a daily basis. As a university student, convenience is a crucial measure in selecting my food. For example, when I am either busy or exhausted, I tend to choose white rice since it takes less time to cook compared to brown rice or quinoa. Finally, memories…show more content…
Having celiac disease is without doubt the key element that shapes my diet and impacts my attitude towards particular foods. For example, I eliminate bread, takeout pizza, nachos, Kentucky Fried Chicken and even Caesar salad ( because of croutons) due to their gluten content. In addition, I avoid eggs because there is a chance that eggs from chicken fed a heavy diet of gluten grains may not be safe for extremely sensitive celiacs like myself. Moreover, I cut off certain foods because I associate them with negative experiences, pain and discomfort. For instance, almost four years ago, I had a severe cold and dinner that day happened to be filet mignon with vegetables ( a meal that I had at least once per week my whole life). As a result, I became afraid of eating steak and I sometimes get nauseous by just smelling it even though I am certain that my sickness was not related at all to the food I ate at the time. Unfortunately, I have similar experiences with seafood and dairy, which justifies why I no longer eat scallops or drink cow milk. The comparison between the results of the two questionnaires shows a positive correlation between preference and food intake. In other words, I eat what I like and I like what I eat. My core foods are the ones that I enjoy eating the most while the rejected foods are my least favourite. I think the habitual consumption of certain foods such as kale and broccoli
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