Mississippi Burning And Freedom Song Essay

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In Mississippi Burning and Freedom Song shows two different perspective on the success of the civil rights movement. In the film Mississippi Burning the main focus is on the FBI helping African American achieve justice and prove to African American that they are willing to challenge the police department and clansmen for them. On the other hand freedom song portrays a combination effort of the old generation and the young generation trying to bring the community together to fight for their right. In both films,portrays the corruption of the law towards African American and civil rights activist in the south. Also in Mississippi Burning focuses on the help of federal aid while in freedom song focuses on organizing. The end of the film reveals…show more content…
In freedom song, Owen’s father, Will, tried to vote but the consequence was that his house got shot at and later on he went out business. It show that even though the law allowed African Americans to vote their would be white supremacist that prevent African American from voting. It show that white southern men have the power to keep African American in their place as second class citizen. Also In the movie there was a scene where Daniel, SNCC worker who helped African American register to vote, brought a group into the town hall to register to vote, but they were denied to vote because they couldn't answer the question “ how many bubbles are in a soap” even the instructor didn't know the answer to the question. He just wanted a reason to denied their application.It show that white supremist will try anything to keep African American as second class citizens. Lastly, in Mississippi burning three activist were arrested and set free. Once they got out of jail the police and other people were tailing their car. Once they stop the police and the group murder them and hid their bodies. The movie show the corruption of the police force because people that work for the police where also part of the kkk. African American aren't safe in the south because everyone in the police force, courts and government are white male and they choose to ignore the violence that are

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