Why Is Physical Distance Important In Relationships

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On one side of a paradox, a child is physically adjacent to his or her relative, yet barely receives attention from the guardian, let alone a direct conversation. On another side, two people in a relationship are physically separated, and as a result, begin to feel the urge to emotionally drift apart. Various relationships have numerous needs of communication, whether it is tangible or psychological, but these relationships all have one major component, which is loyalty. While people do need to spend time with others to keep a healthy connection; it often depends on how much effort and commitment individuals have invested into a relationship. In an emotionally isolated relationship, physical distance is not an obstacle if the fidelity is what is being interfered with. For example, my father and I are detached despite living in the same household. I speak very little to him; sometimes, I do not speak to him at all in the time I spend at home. Instead, I do schoolwork or go out with friends…show more content…
To emphasize, the amount of range is likely to put holes in a relationship where two people who are not as devoted are suddenly separated by thousands of miles. The individuals might eventually lose responsibility and start to form alliances with other people. As time goes on, one of them can completely disregard the other person and cheat because the time it takes to wait is too long. Furthermore, relationships where people have a low grip on dedication lead to a downfall of the bond because they do not feel that the other person is truly there anymore; it is like the person does not exist. Consequently, the sense of affection reduces because the significant others are not there to see the milestones that the other partner achieves. Equally important, the lack of faithfulness in a long distance connection affects the outcome of how solid a relationship can

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