The Importance Of Strategic Project Management

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The literatures in project management are often highlighted with the increased possibilities of the projects success with immaculate strategic framework. I argued in earlier research proposal that since we all leave in an ever changing dynamic environmental uncertainties that, any firm be it construction, FMCG etc needs to adapt to the situation as they come. The importance of adapting to changing environment has been consistently noted by (Phua, 2007). It is quite evident from examples of current strategic decisions that are perceived by many top notch CEO’s , it is believed that Apple Inc’s Tim Cook have made bigger Iphone(6 and 6 plus) just to compete with larger market of big screen mobile handset by Samsung. Therefore adaptability is…show more content…
Therefore from understandings from few research papers, it is evident that strategic decisions do play pivotal role in improving the odds of the projects to get succeeded. This paper will present a framework or outlook on how to interlink project management with strategic environmental decisions for achieving business results. This paper will also try to come with cases which will concrete the credibility of strategic project management in current working environment. 2. Link between firm strategy and dynamic environment…show more content…
But (Shenhar and Dvir, 1996), argued that in the project management literature and many publications on the management of projects tend to assume that all the projects are fundamentally similar, but in reality projects are exhibit considerable variation in their ideal strategy and also management styles. Therefore, project managers in current situation must be strategic leaders, because without having strategy knowledge the project manager would not be able to sustain in such a dynamic environment. Globalization can be considered as major motivator for competition in any domain of work i.e IT, banking, Mobile etc. The literature research that I have analysed cleared one point that not many authors have attempted to classify projects according any specific operating environment. Again from (Shenhar,1999), who clarified that since no projects are similar therefore, approach to each projects should have unique strategies which will should be in accordance with the project desired deliverables. The author also states that “one size does not fit all projects”, which again solidifies my view on different projects should have different

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