Blood Of Yingzhou District: Film Summary

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The Blood of Yingzhou District (2006) is a short documentary following the daily lives of a number of AIDS orphans living in Anhui province so as to address the AIDS problem in China. Throughout this forty-minute documentary, Ruby Yang, the director of the documentary, purports to reveal the stigmatization faced by those AIDS orphans and the factors contributing to this phenomenon. There are mainly two factors contributing to this problem: Poor education and poor development in rural areas of China. At the beginning of the documentary, the film crew first interviewed some of the neighbors of the AIDS orphan Gao Chun. All of his neighbors showed the same negative attitude towards him. They are very afraid of having contact with him. One of…show more content…
The child must be infected too." Therefore, nobody would like to raise Gao Chun. Even though his eldest Uncle was just living next to him, he was not want to get too close with Gao Chun because he was afraid of being stigmatized as Gao Chun if they were too close with each other. That's why the little Gao Chun could just live lonely and face the discrimination himself. This also well illustrated how stigmatization is triggered by people's fear on AIDS. When people knew that AIDS can kill their lives if they are being infected and cannot be completely cured, they are scared. They started to stigmatize people who have been infected by AIDS or have relationships with AIDS patients. They discriminate and stop having contact with them, just like what Wang sisters were facing at the school. They were being discriminated by their classmates because of their dead parents even though they were health. Rumors of those infected people therefore spread like an infectious disease in the community. Once the community stigmatizes those infected people, they discriminate against them, just like what the neighbors in the movie did on Gao Chun and other AIDS orphan even though they sometimes sympathized with those

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