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The thesis that I reviewed is Women in the Men’s Club: How to Survive the Chief Executive Officer Position written by Kathryn Price and supervised by Dr. Cindy Royal within the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. The thesis by Kathryn Price was completed in May of 2015. Kathryn’s main point in her thesis paper is how even though women represent 51% of the professional workforce in the United States, only 5.1 % of women held CEO positions in the top fortune 500 companies in the nation. She examines five different women that have become CEOs and researches the patterns of their success in their career paths to determine what the five women CEOs have in common. She also identifies what specific points they share by providing explanations…show more content…
The five women she highlighted all became CEOs of technological corporations located in the Silicon Valley in California. The five women CEOs are Arianna Huffington who founded the Huffington Post, Carly Fiorina from Hewlett Packard, Marissa Mayer with Yahoo, Natalie Cofield from GABCC, and Julie Huls from the Austin Technology Council. One of the trends that most of these women had in common were that each of them attended Ivy League undergraduate universities that were ranked seven or higher on the T.H.E World University Rankings. The universities they attended ranked close together with low acceptance rates and high tuition expenses. These universities have a reputation that the majority of students come from middle to higher-class families. All of these top Ivy League universities obtain an outstanding reputation for providing their students with successful career paths after…show more content…
I think that her paper focused more on the facts and stating the facts then actually telling her story. I struggled to hear her voice and her opinion. I felt as though she was trying to be too factual, and that her voice was hidden behind the facts and numbers. I also think that by her focusing too much on her examples she did not explain her views and opinions on this topic. Even though I believe that having examples made her paper stronger, I do feel that it took the spotlight away from her beliefs and the topic. Due to the statistical information she included I feel that her paper had more of a negative tone instead of an encouraging tone. She focused on the data that she researched, such as how women working in the corporate world have difficulty raising children, and how it is harder for women to achieve CEO statuses unless the attended an Ivy League university. Even though these are true and strong facts, I personally feel that she could have done additional research to included examples of women who have reached CEO status without the education from an Ivy League university and also provided information about women who are outliers to the idea of children being raised in a broken

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