The Importance Of Breaking A Wooden Board In Karate

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When you’re finished, you’ll have two pieces of wood. Your uniform will have dust all over it, and your feet will be sore from the break. Breaking a wooden board in karate is not the easiest, but it is so empowering. I learned how to break a board from a few instructors in my first couple months of karate. The first time I did this, I was testing to move up from being a white belt to an orange belt, and I was so nervous. You pick up your wooden boards. You may need one, two, or even five. Holding them in your hands, you can feel the smooth surface and the scratchy sides, freshly sawed. The lightness of the wood reflects the bright lights above the mats. The matted floors squish under your feet as you walk across them to your instructors. Before you start, you hand one a board, close your eyes, and bow to each other. When you close your eyes, you can feel your nerves sink in a bit more.…show more content…
If you are doing a kick, you ask them to hold it at your hip level, typically. While some kicks make breaking the board simple, the most challenging are spinning and jumping kicks. One time trying to break a board with a kick, it took me a few tries because I just couldn’t get on target. Preparing for a jumping, spinning heel kick drives your nerves up the wall. Before one kicks, one must practice to help ensure the board is in the right spot. Many students will do an extra practice to help keep them on target. Then, all that is left to do is

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