My Career In High School

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Undoubtedly, high school went by rapidly for me since I graduated as a junior instead of as a senior, due to the opportunity that I took to advance in some required credits for graduation in my sophomore and junior year. I have always been the type of person who likes to move forward constantly aiming to reach the next "big thing." Unlike most of my classmates, I was eager to finish high school hastily to be able to continue on to college and experience the real world. I am always striving to do my best in everything I do and I like to challenge myself, stand up for what I believe in, and work hard for the things I want. I consider myself a very ambitious individual, which in my opinion is one of the key factors that anyone needs in order to succeed. Indeed, one of the greatest things I discovered as soon as I entered high…show more content…
As I did some research in each career I was considering, it stood out to me that since I wanted to work with science and help people as well, the most reasonable and natural choice was to become a doctor. It is one of my biggest priorities to help others and form part of this field. Even though, I am one of many students that possess skills, talents, and passions, I do have a great desire for knowledge. I want to give my full potential in my academic career. Furthermore, in my last year at high school I had a teacher that I really look up to; he is a very smart man and he taught us a lot. As I was considering different universities I asked him for his opinion and he told me that the University of Houston would be a great place for me to continue my education, for he had attended this university also. As I was looking at university rankings, I saw that the University of Houston was one of the top best public universities and Texas. Therefore, I decided to select this university as my top
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