Child Labor Case Study

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Child labor in developing countries Introduction In today’s world the exploiting child as workers remains a concerning topic especially in developing countries where the protection of human rights is not regarded as being particularly strong. Human rights application result to be a controversial matter including when delicate issues as child labor and its implications on children’s development are concerned, as it consists in two opposing viewpoints on whether child labor should be legalized or not. Despite the hazardous nature of this form of work, nowadays child labor is still a common practice in a number of developing countries. The debate regarding the antagonism between money and moral is dealt with by organizations such as UNICEF and…show more content…
For instance, the Flomo v. Firestone (2011) case wasa clear illustration of the controversiality of breach of human rights obligations, and the way companies escape liability – in this particular occasion 23 Liberian children filed a case against the Firestone Natural Rubber Company forengaging in child labor. The court stated that they have not been given an adequate basis to impose sanctions on the company There was no direct violation on decision-making level – children were not employed – it was their fathers who, due to the unbearable conditions, found themselves forced to enlist children as helpers in order to meet the tough quotas that were required from…show more content…
Abolishment of child labor is an important issue that concerns human rights and implicitly presents the strong conflict between money and dignity in the context of justifying child labor on the basis of the economic situation. On the one hand, it is argued that … and thus, marks an increase in .. Predictably, it is opposed by the statement that child labor is merely another measure to manage economic difficulties that citizens of developing countries encounter. If we consider child labor to be rooted in poverty and lack of education, then education itself, as this essay has argued/consulted statistics and studies clearly show, might be the key to improve children’s well-being. In conclusion, labor is naturally associated with exploiting children for financial gain and should, hence, not be recognized as appropriate work but as a social evil. It is recommended that awareness should be raised regarding all kind of activities that have even the slightest connotation of slavery, harm or any other kind of immoral deprivation, and still involve children. Also as regards the extent to which child labor can be considered legally acceptable, there is a definite need for a legal framework that ends impunity and guarantees conditions for child

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