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Lee Kwan-Yew is known for transforming Singapore, from a fishing village at its separation from Malaysia in 1960,into one of the richest and most advanced countries in the world, in his lifetime. I hope Prime Minister K. P. Sharma Oli will make Lee his role model, not the greedy and failed Third World leaders, because his health is poor and he does not have children. Although he had to cool his heel because his predecessor hung onto power even after losing the election for his party, Mr. Oli has become prime minister now, holding the key to an empty treasury at a time when financial discipline has evaporated, revenue collections are below the target, and the seven states have been asking for resources left and right. The situation did not…show more content…
A mixed economic philosophy, which allows the public and private sectors to flourish in sectors where they do best, will be best suited to Nepal. The state alone cannot transform the economy. If it could, China and Vietnam would not have done everything to promote domestic and foreign private investment. As for the growth model, there are several of them, but let me mention two of them: Balanced growth model and Unbalanced growth model. In the first model, you sprinkle resources across sectors without regard to comparative advantage, productivity, and multiplier effect. This model is politically more popular because all sectors feel that they have been given priority, but the results are often disappointing. Because this model is populist, most non-communist developing countries have followed this model and remained largely poor. The unbalanced growth model calls for higher priority in investment in sectors in which your country enjoys comparative advantage vis-a-vis other countries and in which productivity and multiplier effect are high to build the investment and growth momentum. Such sectors then pull the other sectors. Most advanced or fast-growing countries have followed this

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