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Sarah Christen Cosmetology A.W. Beattie Career Center SU2310: Integrate Career Activities Career Autobiography I always say I was born to be a cosmetologist. From, an early age I had an interest in cosmetology; from cutting my hair, my Barbie dolls, my sister Barbie dolls and eventually my brother’s hair. While in high school I considered other career options. After visiting Forbes Road East A.V.T.S to learn more about the Cosmetology program I knew for certain that this career was for me. My immediate family discouraged me from going to cosmetology school. My parents wanted all of their children to get a college degree. However, that wasn’t for me. In the end they were proud of me for my accomplishments. My gender was never a thought while considering career choices. My parents taught me that I could become whatever I wanted. Since, cosmetology is an industry that is traditionally thought of as female dominant, I didn’t have any hesitation…show more content…
I remember watching them cut hair and looking at their haircutting books to see how to cut hair. I would go home and practice haircutting on myself, my family and friends. My academic achievements were limited before I started cosmetology school. I didn’t have bad grades I just “didn’t apply myself.” Academic achievements (or the lack of) didn’t influence my decision to pursue cosmetology. Once in Cosmetology I finally applied myself and reached the prestige of high honor. The guidance counselors at my high school discouraged me from attending Cosmetology. I remember taking aptitude tests that also discouraged cosmetology as a career choice and that if I chose this career I would do well (that was positive). However, I was determined. My Cosmetology instructors were definitely a positive influence. They showed me that options that were out there in this industry. They brought out a positive attitude because I finally was good at

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