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National Honors Society is a prestigious organization that not only recognizes students who have excelled in academics, community services, and extracurriculars, it also offers students the opportunity to engage in their community by becoming active leaders and encourages other to do so. Acceptance into such a society would not only be a tremendous personal honor for me but it would also allow me to strive and develop my community positively. Throughout my high school career thus far I have demonstrated academic, community service, and extracurricular activities that quality for this distinguished society. Furthermore if I am accepted into the the National Honors Society I will become a leader in my community and encourage others to do so. I have distinguished myself academically not only through my high…show more content…
Debate is an strong communicational and team building sport. Teams must write cases, collect evidence, solidify logic and improve their speaking skills in order to argue resolutions. This is my third year participating in the debate team, I lead the evidence archive, inform students on how to find credible sources, collect evidence correctly and how to use that evidence in a debate. In addition to this role I write cases, organize team building events for novice debates and work with students on their speaking skills. Equally important I also engage in ultimate frisbee. This year will mark my second year on the team for the spring season. It’s a good-hearted sport where the motto of “The spirit of the game” is placed beyond all others which puts players past petty differences and allows them to enjoy the sport, with a little added competition. I work with players to perfect their and my own handling and cutting skills as well as build teamwork skills. My extracurriculars have advanced my team building and leadership skills while providing an engaging

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