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The Devil Baby Every family has a known myth or legend, therefore it is carried on for generations. My family carries on the one of The Devil Baby. Although it is only in my family, it is definitely an impacting story. It is believed to be a test, specifically one from the devil. Many people ask, why? Why would the devil want to test my family? My answer is - to see where our faith stands, and where we are sided, either with him or with God. The Devil Baby is a very opinionative topic in my family, some believe and others don’t. Others somewhat believe, but still have doubts. I for one do believe, in the test of The Devil Baby. The Devil Baby was a baby found in the field of my family’s ranch. The ranch was located in a very small town called La Mula in Chihuahua, Mexico. My uncle was working in the fields as he usually…show more content…
It is an image engraved in my head that I can never forget. Any time I think about it, I can see this devil baby. The picture never fades. I sometimes pause and think of the way it was all described and I feel as if I were there. I know that like my uncle, my first instinct would have been to help too. I think that I would have lost my mind if it had happened to me. It brings me fear knowing that it has happened and that it could possibly happen again, and again to my family. My uncle was only trying to do the right thing and got the scare of his life, because the devil wanted to lure him in. The devil wanted to see if my uncle would fall into temptation. The devil wants the strong believers because if you fall you will strongly believe in him. Many people don’t believe in things like this. I for one thought evil was just in movies, until it happened to my family. I learned to never discredit something, without actual proof. We truly don’t know the half of what is actually out here in the

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