Essay On Capital Punishment Should Be Abolished In Malaysia

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The basic definition of capital punishment is a punishment by death for a serious crime. Capital punishment has the same meaning as death penalty. Before the Murder (Abolition of Death Penalty) Act 1965, anyone who is found guilty of murder is liable to be punished by death. After the amendment, the punishment for murder is mandatory life imprisonment as it is the most serious punishment in English criminal law. The death penalty still exists for a few numbers of crimes such as piracy and treason. The ratification by the UK of the Thirteenth Protocols of the European Convention on Human Rights and the introduction of the Human Rights Act 1998 has proposed that the capital punishment is completely abolished nowadays, even in the respect of acts during the wartime. The restoration of capital punishment would be an infringement of the Human Rights Act 1998 and would be a breach of a treaty obligation at an international level. Based on the article ‘Is Capital Punishment Justified?’ by Prema Devaraj in Aliran Monthly, it is stated that the capital punishment still exists and is still applied in Malaysia. The society is persistently urging that its use should be continued as it is the most suitable sentence for even more offences. The question is whether the death penalty should be abolished…show more content…
It disrupts the faith in the human ability to shift, which contradicts the theory of rehabilitation of criminals and emphasises the perception that executing is a rational response to those who have done wrong. Several of the individuals against the death penalty trust that human life is very precious, thus the most horrible criminals must not be denied of the worth of their lives, although they have murdered a person. In their opinion, life should be conserved except there is an appropriate reason not to. Those who remain in support of the death penalty are the ones who ought to validate their

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