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There are so many things to pick for a career in life. Having one career to focus on is perfect, but what if you aren't interested in the career what do you do now? You have backup plans. I chose five careers that I am interested in, just in case I change my career. Those careers that I chose we're becoming a cosmetologist, a dentist, an officer, an OB GYN, and last but not least, a dancer. Not that I want to do all of those, cosmetology is my main career for now. Backups are always something good to fall back on. My first career that I would like to do in life is cosmetology. Cosmetologist are people who specialize in beauty. I chose this career because it's interesting, I can help others look better, and I was inspired by my mother. I now have a dream of being one…show more content…
I chose this career because it would be nice to help others and protect them,.the right way. A police officer I'd a warranted law employee of police force. This career requires an education of a high school diploma. Officers get paid $56,260 Salary, and $27.50 hourly. Most say that the best college for becoming A police officer is John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City, NY. In the United States " Officer usually is a formal name of the lowest police ranking". Officers enjoy benefits such as retirement packages, insurance coverage, and discounts on most things. Another career that I wish to complete is a dentist. A dentist is a doctor that specializes in diagnosis prevention and treatment of diseases and conditions of the oral cavity. To become a dentist you will have to graduate from high school and college. You also have to go to a dental school for 4 years and undergo further training to become a specialist. The best college for dental care is The University of California at Los Angeles School of Dental. All Specialist get benefits such as paid holidays and vacations, 401(k) pension plans, free dental care, and paid sick

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