Quotes About Animal Cruelty

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Mark Twain had once said, “Of all the animals, man is the only one that is cruel. He is the one who inflicts pain for the pleasure of doing it.” He was a significant American writer, entrepreneur, publisher, and humorist in the early 20th century. This significant quote by Mark Twain portrays how humankind is cruel, and how humans inflict hate in many forms like animal cruelty. In the world today, one of the multiple ways hate is evident is in the form of animal cruelty, like the case of Libre. A Boston terrier left for dead, the situation of dogs living in miserable conditions on a farm, and the repulsive, unwanted abuse these pets have to endure at the hands of their owners are all examples of animal cruelty and how it is shown by hateful…show more content…
This farmer doesn’t pay attention to the animals at all. In a shed, 20 sheep and two pigs were found inside without lighting, ventilation, food, water or bedding. Around half of the sheep were found with ripped ears. They had also found a dead lamb (Misery for Dogs). This shows this farmer did not take care of these animals. He neglected and abused them. A trampled lamb was left there to rot, and he didn't clean the place at all. He just didn't care for the animals. Even worse, this farmer lacked the sympathy to care for these animals, and some of them were hurt severely. Pigs were found hurt and ill; some were crammed with wood and empty containers. Nine baby cows were found without food or water and needed it desperately. The farmer yet again neglected these poor animals(Misery for Dogs). This shows this farmer just lets these animals be severely hurt, and eventually just lets these animals die. When this farmer got caught he didn’t even care enough that he got caught. He didn’t show any sympathy towards those animals(Misery for Dogs). This portrays how the farmer was careless with the whole situation. It shows he definitely did not care about neglecting these poor animals. In the novel, “The Diary of a New Chum” by Paul Wenz, the main character acknowledges the cruelty towards animals in a human's perspective, and it’s different between man and animal. Wenz uses the animal abuse to describe the flawed way humans live. Wenz uses the animal abuse created by humans to describe the human society as immoral and materialistic, and humans live more like animals than humans actually know of (Game). This portrays the way humans abuse these animals is selfish and wrong. It also shows the way humans live is immoral it’s definitely not perfect, and how humans live more like the animals than humans think. In the novel, a boy is giving his opinion about how he views animals, and what he
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