My High School Career: The Toughest Time Of My Life

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My high school career had been the toughest time of my life. Starting from freshman year, I had been bullied for the way I dressed. Sophmore year was when my parents got a divorce, causing me to start falling behind on my grades because I had been emotionally unstable. Junior year was when I felt the sudden pressure for college admissions, giving me anxiety and stress, suddenly becoming overweight and unhealthy. By senior year I thought I had finally put my life back together, but by then, it was already too late. I had been denied admission from my dream college, the University of Texas at Austin. Being denied admission was truly the most devastating news I had heard. Seeing all my friends getting admitted into their school of choice was even more devastating. It made me…show more content…
Starting from the first day of class, I would lock myself in my room and study all day and night, not leaving my room unless I was going to class. Indeed, I was able to achieve a 4.0 GPA as I promised. But I still felt content. It wasn't the because of failure academically like high school, rather the failure of feeling loved. Because of my study habits, I became anti-social. I was once a very open person, but ever since I left home, I became very reserved, not telling my feelings to anyone. I stopped talking to my friends from home, I avoided people at Tyler, I broke up with my girlfriend, and I didn't bother calling my family. I got my wish of isolating myself from everything, but I was missing the interaction I once had. I felt a different kind of sadness. I realized that being alone in a town four hours away from home, not knowing anyone actually scared me. I felt as if I was empty. By then, I had the revelation that I was the reason for my own sadness. I bought this upon myself for closing myself up from the world. I was at fault for feeling

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