Hip Hop Music's Effect On Music

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Introduction Scholars have argued quite often that hip hop music has a very strong impact on listeners. Jeff (2007) mentioned that there are many characteristics that are appealing to hip-hop fans across the globe. Certain characteristics of hip-hop music seems to have a strong effect on consumers. Regarding the feedback from the public, hip-hop has both negative and positive reviews. Nonetheless, the importance of this study is to examine how college students have personally been affected from listening to hip-hop music. The authors have examined how hip-hop music impacts the communication style of college students. The significance of this study is to evaluate how media, such as hip-hop music, can impact the communication style of…show more content…
A high volume of these groups included those who were college students and adolescents. Morgan (2001) states that hip hop was changing the language in the college communities with the different types of slang they would hear in songs like “Word” and “Word Up”. These terms became popular and then it became commonplace to say all the things that the rappers would say in their songs. College students and adolescents were impressionable and the language they heard hip hop artist use would be adopted in their own communication style. Thompson (1996) attributes the beginning of Hip Hop to the Bronx, NY in the 1970s. Bezilla (1993) says that according to a Gallup poll, hip-hop became the dominant music genre among adolescents and college students around the 1990’s with popular acts such as A Tribe Called Quest, NWA, Run DMC, and Public Enemy. Morgan (2001) goes on to say that adolescents preferred hip hop because of how the artists would “keep it real” with the stories they told. Adolescents felt the honesty conveyed through the music and they connected with it to a point that it became more than music to…show more content…
The language of hip hop is aggressive and because of that the language used by the college students and adolescents became more aggressive to match. Because of this hostility a negative connotation had been given to young people who enjoyed listening to hip hop and conversing using its tongue. Boyd (2007) states that the once proud label of a thug in the hip hop community has had its meaning changed into something that closely resembles the “N word” without any of the racial tension. He mentioned that people use the word to describe someone as a criminal, despite that being true or not. Turner (2015) also mentions that hip hop perpetuates homophobia and is not accepting of the LGBTQ community. This in turn affected the kids listening to these messages as they grew up thinking that these standards were normal and

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