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In Malaysia, we are always in this cross cultural relationship. We have Malay, Chinese, India, Sigh, Kadazan, Iban and so on. No matter in urban or rural area, we have the opportunity to give the students, parents, and the society a chance to join the cultural music community activities. For example, Chinese and Malay ethnics have the chance to join an Indian dance during Deepavali. Music in community is a learning platform for everyone to learn new things, new music knowledge and revise the music knowledge. One of the music community group in Malaysia called ‘Swara Community Arts Centre’. The goal of Swara Community Arts Centre is to develop an education for classical Indian music to who had the passion to learn. The reason for this is to creating an awareness and strengthening the art of Indian music and also enhance them in music performance skills of music community in Malaysia. This organization is to explore the Indian society included the dance, the custom, the instruments, and the culture in…show more content…
With increased understanding of the music community in Malaysia, we need to work together and support from the kids, parents, and society. We must get experience and value it in every music community. Educators may further strengthen and support music communities to pursue achieve the goals that music community was create. Through this music community essay, Malaysian will learn what the music community is. They might easy to steps towards a better understanding and utilization of existing support in the music community. Additionally, associations between race or ethnic in socioeconomic class will have the positive view in different races. This relationships that foster success for all the society in families. Through this music community, I hope it can build a better understanding between the music communities and the general Malaysian

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