The Pros And Cons Of Flossing

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Does a water flosser really work better than regular string floss? Flossing is a good way to maintain a good oral hygiene, however most people forget to floss because of the inconvenience that comes with it. Flossing accompanied with regular brushing helps prevent pain and tooth decay. There are certain places in the mouth that your toothbrush cannot get into, food particles store there and when allowed to accumulate, they form calculus which is a cement-like substance that sticks to the tooth. This can lead to bad breath, gingivitis and other oral diseases. Generally, flossing helps to get rid of food debris between the teeth and around the gum. Many assume that the best time to floss is when you can feel food debris in between your tooth…show more content…
Using a water flosser seems to be a better and gentler option for people who do not like the effect of the string floss. Clinical studies have showed that water floss are two times more effective than string floss for reducing bleeding, gingivitis and removing plaque. Here are some of the reasons why water flossing works better than string flossing: • They access places your hand cannot get to while using the string floss • They dislodge all food particles in the interdental spaces and can go as deep as periodontal pockets. With the water flosser you don’t have to deal with bleeding or damages to the gums. Note that bleeding gums is not usually cause by flossing rather by bacteria which in turn causes gum inflammation. Flossing daily will reduce the bleeding but a visit to your dentist will help clean out the bacteria. • They have a massaging effect by increasing blood circulation to the gums, this limits the risk of tooth loss. They are very handy and easy to use compared to your regular string floss. • Perfect for people with gum…show more content…
• Teeth that are close together are easier to floss with the water flosser. • Children can use a water flosser • Very convenient and effective for denture wearers or people on braces. It can be quite difficult to floss with string floss when you are on braces. Water flossers come with tips that can accommodate dentures and braces. Some of the tips you will find in a water flosser include; The classic jet tip, toothbrush tip, orthodontic tip, and plaque seeker tip. • It is less abrasive than the string floss. • It takes limited time to floss the entire mouth. No matter how busy your morning is, the water flosser gives you more than enough time to floss. The string flossing usually takes 2 to 3 minutes, water flossing takes about 1 minute less. If you don’t have 2 or 3 minutes to spare , then the water flosser is just perfect. • Flossing is just plain fun using a water flosser The wonderful effect that the water flosser has on the gums and teeth is remarkable and has made it more popular than the string floss. With the water flosser your journey to regular flossing just became

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