Essay On Classical Music

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When people hear the term “classical music” they usually think of it as all western art music. In fact classical era music usually refers to the music from specifically 1730 – 1820, the period of time between the Baroque and Romantic era. Classical music pays careful attention to form, elegance and restraint, and it is defined by a number of forms such as sonata, symphony, concerto, theme and variation, as well as rondo, which become dominant during that time, especially sonata form. Research has revealed that with its rhythm and melody, it could have positive impacts to the brain and benefits the people when they are listening to the classical era music. In comparison to Baroque era music, the structure of the piece, the phrases and motives become more important in the classical era. It focuses on thematic development and harmonic structure. And it has a simpler texture, called homophony, which is when a…show more content…
The second component that affects the listeners is the rhymes that synchronize with body’s vital rhythms. It produces proper mood for the listeners to enhance their performance on cognitive tasks and creativities. The information that is being studied activates the left side of the brain whereas music activates the right side of the brain, therefore maximize the intake of information and be more capable of processing information while studying. In fact, babies as young as young 3 months old are able to pick out the structure and parts they have heard before from classical music, therefore children benefits even more than adults when they listen to classical music, some research showed even pregnant women could have positive effects on their babies as they develop in the
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