Hip Hop Music: Pop, Gangsta, Conscious, And Alternative

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Many people believe hip hop music affects the lives of children. One argument many people, mostly parents, have is what the age range of children should and shouldn’t be able to listen to Hip-Hop music. There are many different forms of hip hop music, whether or not explicit lyrics are involved. This consists of Pop, Trap, Gangsta, Conscious, and Alternative. My focus in this thesis is to point out the different forms hip hop music and get everyone thinking. If the music truly does affect kids, how they act and who they grow up to be. Does the lyrics have a message or is it just garbage to listen to. Pop is a form of hip hop that comes with the times. Its danceable, it’s on the radio all the time and the lyrics are sometimes…show more content…
Even though their lyrics are offensive in some eyes, to the people who see things deeper get the real message and see that the rappers are representing the black community not trashing or harming it. Cambridge University Department of Psychiatry says “Hip Hop music is therapeutic for those of us experiencing mental health issues”. Most rappers rap about their lives, about their experiences and try to teach others not to make the same mistakes they did throughout their life. Sule from Cambridge University stated “…is an example of “positive visual imagery”, ” Now it is true hip hop isn’t for all ages it is mostly for older kids, more towards teenagers and young adults. The show BET gives hip hop music and the rappers such as Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, etc. a positive outlook. Ronald Simmonds is another who is for hip hop music and stated “…ability to string together words in a way that has a deeper meaning than you first notice is…show more content…
According to Teennink “American youth are a target towards the marketers of rap and hip-hop.” “… They are always influenced by the media and still trying to find their identity.” Not every kid who listens to hip hop turns out bad. Statistics say that most kids who listen to hip hop music turn out in a positive way because they get the real message from the rappers and they grow up but for the ones who don’t get the real message and don’t come up in a good family will turn out “bad” as a “thug”. The author on www.teenink.com also said “We teenagers are growing up in a society where the media has a great impact on our lives”. This author is referring to the hip hop lyrics today and is giving a positive outlook. Hip hop was born in the 1970’s in New York City where block parties were popular. Even though hip hop is not the same as it was back in the day it will never die, there will always be that one person who will be hot enough to society to keep the genre alive for the next generation that are still to

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