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CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION 1.0 Introduction Music education is a study associated with the teaching and learning theory and practical of music. In 1983, the New primary School Curriculum (KBSR) has been implemented Malaysia. Music subject was obliged to all primary schools students from year one to six. As a continuation of the program KBSR, Integrated Secondary School Curriculum (KBSM) has been implemented in all secondary school in 1989. Unfortunately, due to the shortage of music trainers, music subject was not included in the KBSM. In 1996, the awareness of the importance of music began to emerge. Some of the secondary school in Malaysia has been chosen as pilot school music KBSM. The goals of music subject in KBSM are to produce students…show more content…
The implementation of the music subjects from preschool level to even university level is important because music can be considered to be a basic component which distinguishes human behavior. Music can be likened to a language where it is considered as a one of the achievements that can differentiate human being and connecting people. As we all know, music also has been widely used as one of the teaching method in other subject such as Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mathematics and Physical and Health Education (PJK). The exposure in the field of music, especially from the early stages of growth in children is believed can affect their emotions and thoughts. Furthermore, music education does help in developing children creativity. Music should be discussed in more intellectual to criticize all sorts of ideas and creativity in its production. From there, it can also be adapted into various other fields including career and branches of another life. Islamic education is no exception to apply certain strains of rhythms in produce individuals who build along with the spiritual and physical effects since the baby still in the…show more content…
Until now, in our Malaysian Educational system, the proportion between male and female teachers is unbalanced. Badan Pendidikan Guru (BPG) director, Dr. Zahri Azizi (2010), also admitted that as the number of female that applied for teaching profession has totally outweigh the male application 80 percents. However, lecturer of Education and Human Development Faculty (UPSI), Prof. Dr. Othman Lebar (2013) has stated that the number of male teachers is not the issued that need to be refined but a way to attract men to become a teacher. Although, Dr Zahri Azizi also stated quality is more important than the quantity, does the unequal number of teachers’ gender effects the students? This research will focus about the teacher’s gender affects the students’ motivation in learning music. Previous researches on such subject were done by researchers like Dee (2005) and Holmlund and Sund (2005), which involved middle school and secondary school students. However, their researches revolved around the effects of the teacher’s gender on students’ academic

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