Classical Music In Beethoven's Music

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People were likely to choose classical music as stress reduction and at the same time increase their level of calmness. The term stress was defined in a strict biological senses by said that stress was an event or stimulus that alters the existed homeostasis within a given organism (Salomon, Kim, Beaulieu & Stefano, 2003). In generally, stress was a psychological feeling with emotion of nervousness, apprehension and helpless. This situation recently occurred to patient that undergo with he or his medical procedure but also happened to normal people since they had to challenge in their life to get survived. Stress actually passes through three stages from the time it exist until it reaches it's the most maximum level (Melgosa, 2001). The…show more content…
Beethoven's music is more alike a symphony and recently played in orchestra. It were composed by his own namely, Ludwig Van Beethoven from Germany. His music brings relaxation seem that he included the life event in every each of his music which also occurred in every normal human life. He actually want people felt about joy, sadness, love and stress of a life. Clynes (1987), supported Beethoven point since while hearing to Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, there will biological occurred, something that related with human senses or feeling. Furthermore, from his music people can experienced the classic of Beethoven life. Beethoven music can be used as relaxation and meditation since the music rhythm were soft and sometimes comes with natural sound. According to Hanser (1985), classical music has been used as a tool for relaxation purposes and stress reduction which were resulting in self - reported, behavioral, and physiological changes that related with stress…show more content…
By screened through the result, they indicates that the effect of progressive relaxation can decreased the heart rates but then classical music was more effectively to decreased heart rates. Progressive relaxation t(16) = 6.651, p < 0.001; music, (t14) = 8.377, p < 0.001; attention (t16) = 5.476, p < 0.001 and silence (t14) = 5.556, p < 0.001. So, based on the means, the highest mean was music. Listening to classical music can decreased the heart rate goes back to the normal and at the same giving beneficial to psychology

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