Motivation Theory Of Motivation

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Introduction Motivation is a process of initating and sustaining goal-directed. An employee's performance typically is influenced by motivation, ability and the work environment. Knowing how to motivate employees is an important managerial skill. Content (need-based) motivation theories focus primary on individual needs, attempting to explain the factors that energize and stop persons behavior. They address the question "what factors motivate people? Examples of content theories are Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory (Maslow, 1954; Myers, 1964), ERG theory (Alderfer, 1972), Herzberg's two-factor theory (Herzberg et al., 1959). Process (behavior) theories focus on the thinking process through which people choose one action versus another in…show more content…
Having in mind the “expert role” that this department is expected to perform. Literature acknowledges importance human capital; it even defines the concept of knowledge worker (KW). Carleton (2011) describes KWs as “Characterized by a high level of education, superior interpersonal communications skills, and exceptional information processing abilities, these employees are generally more concerned with adding value to the organization than earning a high salary.” Many authors had emphasised the value of human capital and knowledge. Even Vora, (2004) has debated that “A new paradigm is needed that recognizes knowledge workers as valued human assets, not expendable cost centers.” Kidd (1994) observed unique feature of these workers not only “to understand but to be able to generate new information from that understanding which can be understand as an…show more content…
and how to motivate KWs? Motivation is the driver that makes one to do or not to do something. Research shows that motivated and KW workforce is competitive advantage and asset of the company. Carleton (2011) and Tremblay at al. (2009); It also shows according to Fitz-enz (1997) that “average company loses approximately 1 million $ with every ten managerial and professional employee who leave the organization with direct and indirect costs” Abadi at al ( 2011) . Even more research tried to measure motivation through different measurement instruments Tremblay at al. (2009).Having in mind the professional and learning concept of the organization we were researching motivation theories how to motivate employees to work towards organizational goal and how to motivate them to learn to improve their

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