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AWAKENINGS 1 A Man Through the Stage of Rebirth Danica Camille M. Mayormita De La Salle Health Sciences Institute October 2015 2 This is a story directed by Penny Marshall, written by Steven Zaillian and based on the book by Oliver Sacks. Awakenings was published on year 1990. This paper will be presenting the experience on what it means to be born. It is a story about a person who has given hope and after the days past, the hope that he had was lose it again. It is simply what would you choose, to remain hopeless or to be given hope and…show more content…
Leonard Lowe seems to be a child growing with a normal life. Until there was this severe illness making him paralyze for almost 3 decades. It seems hard but Leonard Lowe despite of his do difficulties he didn’t lose his hope that someday he will be okay. Robert de Niro as Leonard Lowe gives as a reflection on how lucky are we now that we grew at a normal stage. His actions was absolutely convincing. The way he act the way he speak was a quite struck our hearts . Robert de Niro’s acting skills open our hearts that life is not possible without God. although his disease has no cure yet his hope to be live from death is not dying. His body was died but his faith is actually there. Although he didn’t respond as his body move. His mind was working. He tried to write his name, respond by simple means of catching things that are falling. It was hard for a frozen person to move but because of his hope he didn’t give

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