Maslow's Motivation Theory Of Employees

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I think one motivation theory that company definitely puts into use is Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The first need is Physiological needs and the company fulfils this first level by providing the basic needs such as a warm and dry working environment. They provide the food and water aspect of this level of needs by paying the employees which obviously allows them to buy their own essentials but by also offering a well-equipped kitchen as well as free fruit and vegetables. The second level of needs is security needs and Abel and Cole’s allows their employees to achieve this need by creating a safe and secure working environment and also protecting their employee’s future by including pensions in their contracts. For the next level of needs,…show more content…
The esteem needs level is next and the company is effective in offering this by providing promotions to employees first and offering them good management and this allows employees to feel valued, rewarded and recognised. Lastly the final level is self-actualisation and I think the company allows employees to fulfil this need by providing opportunities to take new responsibilities and learn new skills such as a promotion. They also provide a full time trainer for the employees to help them. Therefore overall the company provides an opportunity for an employee to achieve each level of need and this is good because they should all be constantly working to try and achieve the next level up which is mostly the higher needs( social needs, esteem needs,…show more content…
This set up allows employees to create strong working bonds which will help them to become more effective when working in teams and thus becoming more productive for the business. Furthermore the working environment allows employee’s do things like play games or music which could possibly help to relieve stress and make employees feel good which causes them to always be working to the best of their abilities. This idea of a really fun working environment is really unique to other business and will not only allow the company to attract more employees from competitors but will also keep the labour turnover percentage low which means that company is not having to spend lots of money in having to recruit and retrain employee’s every

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