Service Complaint Behavior

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Overview Complaint behavior plays a vital role and is considered as an important phenomenon for managers, service providers and scholars, According to a report in Economist (2000), stated that customer complaints now days rise sharply. Most organizations cannot eliminate customer complaints, However , they can respond to them effectively. The response , might be termed as service recovery which can be defined as the process applied by a Firm in an attempts to rectify a service or a product failure (Kelley & Davis,1999). Most researchers suggest that a Firms’s response to any failures might either improve customer relationship (Blodgett, Hill & Tax,1997;Smith, Bolton & Wagner,1999) or results to a negative customer relationships from a poor…show more content…
It is also defined as dynamic perspective that involves the behavioral interaction and orientation. Hence, in behavioral interaction, it is essential for service provider to study customer behavior towards the complaint. Based on this, service provider needs to decide their behavior (Tronvoll, 2008). This research tends to investigate service complaint behavior of customer and response of service provider towards complains, which evaluates whether customer is satisfied or dissatisfied. In order to study service complaint behavior, the study focused towards evaluating customer behavior towards complaint related to service failures. However, service provider responsiveness, their promptness to deal with complaints and their attitude towards resolving complaints will also be…show more content…
Complaint behavior creates a significant impact on customer satisfaction, perception, and commitment. Complaint behavior helps the service providers in different issues which accord in services (Goodman, 1999), and also reengineering their services of delivery (Heung & Lam, 2003), analyzed the customer’s perception about the service quality which provided by services provider (Goodman, 1999) and vital at the time of preparation, implementation and assessment of organizational strategies, policies, planning (Bearden & Teel, 1983; Goodman, 1999) indicate that the customer who is not satisfied with the service , should to raise complain about the problem faced while using the services. This is so because if dissatisfied customer does not complain about poor service then the firm might risk to retain the valuable customers. Researches indicates that customer complaint behavior is important and helps services providers to deliver the best services and minimize all issues which results to a negative impact on the efficiency of the organization. (Fornell & Wernerfelt, 1987) analyzed that it is important for the firm to make their customer complaint due to un expected bad experience since this gives an opportunity for the firm to put corrective measures and give apology on problems, offering a favorable solution, appreciating the customer

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