Motivation In English Learning

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In terms of learner-related factors, the results revealed that the difficulty of English, the fear of making mistakes, losing face with friends when speaking or reading English, the difficulty in memorizing English vocabulary seemed to be the greatest contributors to students’ demotivation in English learning. To begin with, despite the awareness of the necessity of English in this modern life, the majority of the students both in the questionnaires and the interviews perceived English as a difficult language to master because of its complicated grammar, difficult pronunciation, a lot of vocabulary, etc. (item 1). This result was in accordance with the findings in Tran and Baldauf (2007), Luu (2011), and Nguyen’s (2013) studies in which this…show more content…
Most of the students had a favorable attitude towards English speaking community because of their modernity and open-minded lifestyle. This finding was in contrast with the result in Kaivanpanah & Ghasemi’s (2011) study in which the students showed a negative attitude towards L2 community and this decreased their motivation to learn the target language. According to Gardner (1985), language learners’ dispositions towards the target culture and its people have a considerable influence on their learning achievement. Therefore, Cheng and Dörnyei (2007) suggested that in the teaching process, teachers can foster students’ motivation to learn by familiarizing learners with the L2 culture and L2-related values in order to increase their positive attitude towards target language speaking…show more content…
Being bad at memorizing vocabulary which led to a lack of vocabulary made the students difficult to understand the lessons or to express themselves in English. The result was in line with Kaivanpanah and Ghasemi’s (2011) study in which the students also mention this factor as demotivating. In Hu’s (2011) view, without sufficient vocabulary size, the mastery of English language is utterly impossible. The impact of insufficient vocabulary size is big in that it affects learners’ reading comprehension, writing skills, listening comprehension, and even speaking skills. This finding implied that how to help enlarge students’ vocabulary inventory and keep them motivated to memorize vocabulary is an important task for English teachers and

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