Student Misbehavior In The Classroom

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Introduction The purposes of this essay are to analyze the causes of different situations in the classroom that teachers will face and to provide suitable solutions. In the main body, it shows the distinct causes of students’ misbehavior in the classroom and analyzes the factors of student discipline problems. To handle these problems, some effective teaching strategies of classroom management and some ways of promoting conducive learning environment are required in this essay, and which are also related the interrelated theories and literature of classroom teaching. (A) Analyzing the factors of student misbehaviors - Losing the motivation of studying As we can see that there were some students of Miss Chang, who were not good at English…show more content…
Motivation divided into two categories: intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation (Brophy 1991). According to Bandura (1982) theory of self-efficacy, when learning activities within student motivation to complete their self-concept which are included self-worth or ability is bound to enhance. Also, the extrinsic rewards might improve the interest of students in learning. For increasing the intrinsic motivation of the student in learning English. It is essential for the teacher to show her empathy toward the difficulty of the students. Try not to let the students think that their English level are lower. Make sure students know why the topic is valuable and what they are supposed to do. Miss Chang can encourage the students to do some easier exercise of English every day as a little mission for them, and help them follow the pace of teaching step by step. According to Ellen and Susann (2009), in positive reinforcement, it strengthens a behavior by adding something pleasant to the environment of the organism. (p.211) Miss Chang can provide specific feedback throughout the lesson so as to give the encouragement and recognition to the students after the students finishing the exercise. It can help the students to increase their confidence in the study. On the other hand, Miss Chang can try to select topics and activities in which her students have natural interest. There are some activities that students are known to enjoy, for example, competition, group work, some movement and ole-playing. These activities can help the teaching of Miss Chang become more interesting, and gain the attention of her students during the

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