Low Motivation To Learn English Language

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Causes of Low Motivation to Learn English Language Elementary Students The cause of low motivation to learn English language elementary students is as follows. 1. The presumption that English is a complicated and difficult language. Most students consider English difficult and complicated, especially for beginners. If the submission of English material is less interesting, students will find it difficult to follow the learning from the teacher. 2. Students lack sympathy for teachers who teach English. In this case, if the teacher is less interesting and does not have many tricks to teach, the students will easily feel bored so that the interest of students to learn English will be reduced. 3. Students or schools do not have adequate facilities…show more content…
2) motivation to learn from external factors that can be a stimulus from other people or the surrounding environment that can affect the psychological person concerned to do something. English language learning in elementary school is more necessary external factors. Students should not assume that English is difficult, so teachers should emphasize that English is easy and funny. Then, how to make students feel enjoy and interesting to learn English? When students feel happy then they will feel interested and motivated to follow the lesson to completion. In order for the role of motivation is more optimal, then the principles of motivation in learning not only just known, but must be implemented in learning activities. Students are given direction, if later mastered the English language it will be easy in finding a job. Students can also operate the computer quickly because all the commands on the computer using English. This will lead to the motivation to learn English. For more details, the following authors explain about how to direct students to be motivated to learn English especially for students in elementary…show more content…
Intrinsic motivation comes from students, while extrinsic motivation comes from outside the student. An example of intrinsic motivation is the feeling of enjoyment and the need for English to be used in the life of the student. While extrinsic motivation is the motivation that comes from outside the individual students to be able to enjoy the English lesson. Praise, prizes, interesting learning methods, teacher exemplary, role play is an example of extrinsic motivation that can motivate students to learn English. In learning English required extrinsic motivation is more dominant. The absence of both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation causes students to be less eager to perform learning activities both at school and at home, thus impacting on the achievement of less than optimal learning outcomes. Can be concluded, to learn English in elementary school, especially for low class (1,2,3) is the very necessary extrinsic factor that is the method of the teacher is fun and interesting and the use of props so that students more easily understand the learning materials. For high class (4,5,6) intrinsic motivation has begun to grow because students begin to feel the importance of learning English. Teachers should get started learning English with greetings opening and closing using the English

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