Second Language Acquisition In English

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English has become the basic need of this era. For good reputation and status in educational society and economical market it is essential to have command on English. But it looks dream when we drop in on our educational institute and its learners especially learners of secondary level. At this level they are unable to comprehend English as they should according to their educational standard. There may be many reasons for their intelligibility. Therefore, the researcher has attempted to make an intensive review of related literature about the factors which are affecting students’ English performance at secondary level in rural areas across the country and beyond. On this topic several researches are conducted in different countries. As a result…show more content…
(1978) for investigating the factors responsible for good command at English language. However it was concluded that immersion, motivation and self -study are the most important factors which are responsible for successful second language acquisition. This study was also supported by Malaka (2001, cited in Golam ,2012) who investigated the factors affecting the teaching-learning English at high school level in Brazil, the overall results of studies indicated that the teaching-learning process is affected by motivational factors In his studies, Krashen (1981) also highlighted that motivation, self-confidence, self -efficacy, good self-image and low level of anxiety are fundamental factors responsible for success in second language acquisition. Furthermore, Stevick (1976) highlighted the importance of positive attitudes in second language learning. He found a strong relation between the positive attitude towards classroom and acquisition of second language. Hasan (2005, cited in Golam, 2012) carries out research on English language curriculum at secondary level. The data collected from teachers and students indicated that teachers do not arrange all four important skills practice in classroom due to which learners are not able to use English language…show more content…
The data was collected through surveys and interviews. The results of the study exposed that the act of teaching students, and the High-status social position for English teachers in Sri Lanka were the main motivators for teachers. The main de motivators for the participants included limited facilities for teaching and learning in schools, inadequacy of school administration and difficulties in obtaining teacher transfers, the inconsistency between the English curriculum and students’ English proficiency, and the poor relationship between colleagues. Aziz. et al.(2015) conducted a research program on the “learning difficulties and strategies of studies at higher secondary schools in Punjab” The main purpose of the study was to investigate the problem faced by students in learning English at higher secondary school level of District Okara and Bahawalnagar in Punjab, Pakistan. The study revealed that teachers had neither had proper training of teaching English nor facilities were provided and curriculum was not according to the needs of students. These reasons hindered the teaching and learning process of

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