The Importance Of Reading Motivation In Reading

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1.1 Background and Motivation of the Study English has been a compulsory subject in Korea since 1997. Reading is one of the important skills for learning English, however, there are many students who struggle with it. Some lack interest and others simply have difficulties understanding the text. Reading motivation and comprehension are the factors that should be considered, as various studies (Baker & Wigfied, 1999; Guthrie, Wigfield, Metsala & Cox, 1999; Taboada, Tonks, Wigfield, & Guthrie, 2009; Yildiz, 2013) have found there is a close relationship between reading motivation, comprehension, and academic success. As students move from grade to grade, they read a range of different texts where conceptual understanding is required, and…show more content…
In groups, students will select their preferred English books to read and discuss about it. It is expected that students’ reading motivation in reading will increase through literature circle. This study, also examines students’ attitudes, perspectives, and experiences of literature circles. Since the majority of students in Korea are accustomed to grammar-focused and teacher-centered classroom, literature circle could become a powerful tool that provoke interest in English reading. More positive reaction towards literature circles, and higher willingness to participate in this reading instruction in the future, are expected. Thus, the purposes of the study are: 1) to investigate the impact of literature circles on Korean high school students’ reading comprehension; 2) to explore whether literature circles positively affect students’ reading motivation; and 3) to examine students’ attitudes and perspectives towards literature circles. The remainder of the study is organized as follows: Chapter 2 provides the background for the study, Chapter 3 develops methods. Chapter 4 presents and discusses the results, and Chapter 5

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