The Importance Of Second Language Acquisition

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Second language acquisition is the chapter I am interested in. In this chapter, there are many main points. Firstly, I know the meaning of some words such as second language learning, acquisition and learning as well as I know that there are many barriers when we learn the second language. Secondly, the chapter helps me understand and know some factords which affect the second language learning. They are students’ embarrassment, dull textbooks, unpleasant classroom surrounding, an exhausting schedule of study and so on. Especially, the chapter makes me know three methods to teach and learn the second language such as the grammar- translation method, the audiolingual method and communicative approaches. Each method is used according to the…show more content…
Firstly, I can differ how acquisition is and how learning is. Therefore, I can determined what students only need to learn or what students have to achieve. Secondly, these methods help me teach English well. Each method has advantages and dicadvantages. I can apply them in teaching grammar, vocabulary logically as well as avoid teaching mechanically. In addition, I create some concepts for learners to communicate with classmates by using structures and some words they learned. This makes learners understand lesson well and avoid bored. Thus, learners can fell confident to communicate in many situations. Thirdly, three competences are useful for teaching and learning speaking skill. Afte knowing these competences, I will help learners practice to have three competences and become people having good communicative skills. This is an elememt success for learners to study well in the future. Fourthly, I will find some ways to help students overcome some barriers. I will help students delete their embarrasment to learn the second language as well as I correct their mistakes sensiblely so that students can correct mistakes without feeling embarrassed. On the other hand, if texbooks are dull, I will not teach according to the textbooks and i will change some parts to stimulate students’ excite. Finally, learners are difficult to talk like a nartive speakers. Students are young therefore they are easy to acquire new things. As a result, students are watched cartoons, listened to musics and read stories in English once q week so that students can learn and imitate. Besides that, I will organize some actions such as presenting a play. Hence, students can reappear what they were learned and

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