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ANIMAL TWISTER GAME Do you think that game can help students to facilitate them in learning process? Is it a crucial thing to use game as a media to teaching English? Sometimes, games which provide fun activities can be an appropriate choice to teach English in school. According to Martinson and Chu (2008), “Games are effective tools for language learning because they offer students a hypothetical environment. There are numerous games which can be implementing in learning activities and each of games divided to improve a certain aspect like grammar, spelling, vocabulary, rhyme, etc. One of the games is animal twister which is a kind of game where students’ can play with pictures in groups. Animal twister game is one of the effective ways to…show more content…
In the first place, the tools which will be used are easy to find and made. Usually, teacher can buy the elemental instrument of this game which is animal pictures in book store. While, for them who stayed distant from urban center and difficult to find book store, they can create animal pictures by using simple things such as drawing book or canvas. And about the color itself, for instance watercolor, color pencils or crayon can be a proper choice. At the same time, the procedure of the game is easier to be understood. According to Lengelling and Malarcher (1997) one of the rules for the game to be effective and useful in the process of teaching and learning English is must be easily understood. It means that students’ should not feel difficult to comprehend what is the teacher’s trying to say about. In animal twister games, the instructor will give direction by using simple and familiar words such as “put”. It is good because students’ are not strange with the instruction words and obviously they can get the teacher’s intent faster. Moreover, body languages also useable while the game is going on to stimulate students’ understanding about the instruction easier. In short, animal twister game is easy to apply in learning process because the procedures are simple and it is easy to find or made the…show more content…
Firstly, students will get some new vocabularies about animals, and part of human body. At the moment of the activities, teacher will give the students opportunities to see animal pictures and subsequently guess what is the name of certain animal which teacher mention by using body language or instructions. In that process, student’s vocabularies about animal and part of human body will increase. The next, by the activities students also will know about some of imperative words. Both, teacher and students can give instruction by turn. And from the instruction, students’ will get new words which including on imperative words such as put, put down,

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